Wednesday, February 14, 2018

UFO Time

It was cool and windy yesterday but the sun shone all day. Today is cloudy but it is suppose to warm up and the sun should be seen during the day. 


With the sun shining, the Spousal Unit thought he could brave the outside. The wind was super cool and he came back inside in a hurry. That deterred the dolls from going out and playing with their windmill. 
They played with it inside instead. Maybe on a warmer day they can get outside to play with it. 
I did some housework in the morning and mid afternoon we took Grandson his valentine's card and cookies. 
I set up the gaming laptop yesterday to charge as my PC is not cooperating. I am going to have to move everything over to the gaming one. I also have to install my embroidery software. 
Just before Christmas I was to the Apple store and asked about an attachment so I could download pictures from a camera. They didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I was looking for something in the office box and found said attachment and was thrilled it was what I wanted. I had bought it for the iPad and it has the piece for the computer. 


I am working on UFO's at the moment. I want them off the cutting table so I can start new projects with a clean table. 
I started this wall hanging in early October and the house sold. It got bagged up and packed. It has been talking to me since I found it when unpacking. 
I have the three squares taped together and will attach them with plastic rings. 

I am considering fixing the binding on the top of the bottom square. It isn't quite straight across hence the edges won't meet. 
Hanging from the bottom will be these three ghosts. 
I have orange ribbon and lime green beads for them. I have to cut around the ghosts and let them soak in warm water so the stabilizer will dissolve. 
While waiting for the ghosts to stitch out, I ripped a broken zipper out of Daughter-in-law's pants and have started to put the new zipper in. 
The zipper is stitched first to a piece underneath and then topped stitched to the pants. I would like to finish these projects by the end of the week so I can start new projects on Monday. 


I got 10 rows knit on Grandson's sock. I am hoping that they fit him well and this will be his pattern for the next year or two. Only adjustment should be to make them longer. I do like the color of the wool (shades of denim blue) but I do not like the wool for socks. It is just "wool and nylon". Not expensive as these socks were a muslin. I love cashmere, silk, merino, yak blends. They are so soft and the stitches knit up nicer. I have a couple of skeins of the cheaper wool left and will knit it up for the dolls. 
I have 2 skeins of the favorite yarn for 2 pairs of socks for Grandson. I will knit another pair after I do some doll knitting. 


We are going shopping in New Minas. The Spousal Unit needs a new watch and I need a few things to finish up the UFO's. We need to see about new door knobs, plug-ins, and a BBQ. We can't wait to BBQ a steak. When we get home, I would like to work on either the pants or the wall hanging. 
Until the next time....................

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