Sunday, February 04, 2018

A Lot Accomplished on a Dull Grey Day

It is warming up once again and there is a light snow falling. It is nice to have it warm up again and we know it will cool off. 


Though I kept busy yesterday, the day seemed to drag on. It was a day we couldn't go outside due to the cold and the wind. It was also sunny but cloudy. What we both called a depressing day. We kept the lights on so the inside of the house was bright. 
One thing I did do was go up and down the stairs a lot. I also vacuumed and cleaned the upstairs. Not a lot but something that needed doing. Elliott is a shedder and I need to make sure his hair is not in huge piles on the floor. 


Adult bib # 5 was completed yesterday. 
I worked on it during the afternoon with several breaks. Putting on the bias tape is the tedious part. Three more to go and this unselfish project will be done. 
I also drafted up the back of the pants pattern for Anna, the Gotz doll. It looks good and I will do a pair for her when I have a couple of minutes. Kate wants the version that is for her size. 
I am looking at making the dolls dresses for Easter. The fabric was chosen; or should we say a pile of fabric was chosen. Kate wants hers to be a top and short pants in two or three different prints. Anna wants hers to be a special wrap dress in one or two prints. A cardigan to match would also be nice. We wait and see on that request. 


As I was looking for patterns on my old computer, I hauled out the beads as I need to make 4 necklaces. The first two will have turquoise beads as the main part with white/clear between them.
The last two are to go with the black sweater I knit. It was suppose to be pearls but these beads were chosen instead. 
This is a perfect choice for a necklace and I am hoping it can be worn with a twin set. I have to say that I enjoy making doll necklaces to match the outfits I make for the dolls. 


I knit on Grandson's socks late yesterday afternoon and evening. The first heel flap is done and the second one is started. 
As I do the heel flaps and beyond, I watch Lucy Neatby's class I bought from Craftsy. It was worth the money I spent on it as I watch it every time I knit socks. I also have Ann Budd's book for knitting socks on Kindle and I do read it while knitting. 


We need to do some grocery shopping, a bit of housework, and some sewing. Bib #6 will be started but may not be finished. Knitting in the evening will also happen. 
Until the next time.........................

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