Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Mile of Top Stitching

The snow disappeared by late afternoon but the temperature seem to hover around 0C even though it got to 4C. We are to have a nice sunny day today and then will see more snow fall a couple more times by the end of the week. 


Yesterday was a slow day for us. I did do some housework and called the cancer clinic in BC for the Spousal Unit. We still haven't been referred to the cancer clinic in Nova Scotia. We will continue on using BC's cancer clinic and may even book an appointment to see the oncologist in December. 
I cooked up a large pot of meat sauce in the afternoon and made a lasagna. There is enough sauce left over for spaghetti for us to have in the coming weeks. I would love to make several dishes ahead for us as we begin to explore the province. Pull out and heat up when we come home. 


I spent the better part of a day sewing one pair of doll jeans. The top stitching was time consuming. I think I did a mile of it but it wasn't. The fabric is old stock from the fabric store I worked in. It has some stretch in it. I wish I had bought a meter of it rather than just .5 meter. 
When I made the slacks for the dolls, I used a jeans pattern and slimmed down the legs. I added the width back to the pattern for jeans. 
The jeans, like the slacks, have usable front pockets. I did two rows of top stitching on them 
I also top stitched in the fly. When I added the waistband, I did double top stitching on the bottom part after I hand stitched it in place. I didn't top stitch the top part as I like to use 1/2" which fills the waist band. I need to find a tiny button for the front. 
On the back, I drew a yoke line and double stitched it as all jeans have a back yoke. I put the pockets on which are double stitched down. The outside side seam is also double stitched as are the hems. 
In all, a good sew. I ran out of thread so can't sew the two other pairs that are cut out. I will change thread and sew up 2 to 3 t-shirts. 


The black turtleneck sweater is done. I love the turtleneck as it flops over so nicely and is soft rather than hard. 
Kate enjoyed modeling it for me. 
Black is a hard color to knit and photograph. 
I started another hat and had to rip back 4 rows when I discovered I hadn't done the increase row properly. It may get done today. 


I need to do some housework, sew, and knit. I am not sure if we will be going out or not. It depends on how we feel this afternoon. 
Until the next time....................

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