Thursday, February 22, 2018

Exploring and Reorienting

Yesterday was warm with a high of 14C. The sun did shine some during the day and you could go outside without a coat on. This morning it was 0C at 6 a.m. with it getting cooler tonight. On Saturday, we should see 6C so any snow that falls on Friday will certainly be gone by Saturday night. 


We decided to take a drive yesterday to reorient ourselves to places we had been in September. We hadn't done College road before so we took a drive down it hoping to hook up to another road that takes you to the ski hill. No such luck. We did see King's-Edgehill School though. It is the oldest private university predatory school in Canada. 
We didn't realize the school had been founded in 1788.
The majority of the buildings are built out of red brick. One of the driveways leads you back into the town of Windsor. 
We did head down the road to the ski hill and turned onto Dill Road (named after Dill's who have a large apple orchard, pumpkins, etc.) We drove down it for a bit and then headed home. 
It was weigh in at Weight Watcher's last night and I am down a total of 14.3 lbs. Feeling better has its ups and downs. One of the downs is hurting my back to the point it was so sore last night I cried. It is somewhat better today. Advil and heat are my best friends. Doing less lifting is in the books for a few more days. 


I cut out 3 pairs of peach colored jeans for the dolls. I have to stop cutting as I am running out of pins. 
From right to left -- peach jeans, white t-shirts, peach t-shirt above the white ones, and peach leggings. I will clear off the table and start cutting Grandson's tie blanket. 


While cutting out fabric, I watched a Lucy Neatby DVD on knitting. I would stop and watch the parts that interested me. Some of it was refresher and others were new. She talked about gauge in further detail. Her example on changing needle size was a fabulous example of thinking outside the box and I am going to try it on the next turtleneck sweater for the dolls. I will start with 5 mm needles for 7 rows, 4 mm needles for 3 rows and 3.25 needles for 4 rows. I am hoping the turtle neck part will turn over on its own like hers did. 
I did start a turtleneck sweater the night before I had watched the knitting DVD. I knit down to the where the sleeves are ready to go on waste yarn and tried it on. 
A good fit. 
I have since put the sleeves on waste yarn and am now knitting the body. The sleeves will be done when the body is finished. I love this pattern as it well written and easy to knit up. 
I will be rotating between knitting hats and sweaters for the dolls for the next couple of weeks. Then I will be knitting another pair of socks for Grandson. 


I am starting to clean the family room. The dust bunnies are accumulating. We will be going to the library and to Grandson's 11th birthday party. I hope to sew on the doll jeans after I clean off the cutting table. 
Until the next time.......................

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  1. If I take up knitting, you will have been the inspiration. :-)