Monday, February 12, 2018

Two Pairs of Doll Slacks

The weather outside's frightful. Here it has been wet and our friends in BC have had it cold and snowy. Will spring every arrive? Some days we wonder. 


We are starting to feel that we need spring so we can be outside of the house doing things. The Spousal Unit has been outside seeing what needs to be done, what needs to be unpacked and put away. We've talked about gardening and the list goes on. We really need spring. And sunshine. 


I spent two afternoons in the sewing room sewing slacks for the dolls. I chose a light weight wool that ravels a lot. I had to handle it with care. The pattern is a jeans pattern from Pixie Faire. Peggy Stuart used the same pattern and modified it for Gotz dolls. I used a picture she sent to me to modify the crotch on the pattern I was using for Anna, my Gotz doll. Also the legs of the jeans were tapered. I used 3/8" seams on Anna's pants except for the inside leg seams and they were 1/4". The results were great. 
Anna was excited to get on her black sweater and rhinestone necklace. 
When the slacks were made for Kate, the legs were made narrower and the seams were 1/4" as per the pattern. I am going to add 1/4" to the center front seam as it sits a bit low on her front waist. 
Kate is still waiting for her sweaters. They are next on the list. But, the girls were happy to have their picture taken together. 
The fabrics for their Easter dresses were taken out to be admired. 
Their outfits will use these fabrics but they can't be exactly the same. The outfits will be different styles. I am looking forward to making them in March. 


I am doing the gusset on Grandson's second sock. It should be done today and then I can merrily knit the feet on both socks. Nearing the end of these socks. 
I am reading Cool Knitters Finish in Style by Lucy Neatby. I am going to have to order myself a copy as it is an awesome book. I have requested her DVD's through the library. 
I also got the yarn swift. I will take a bit of time and try it out this week. I do have lots of skeins to wind into balls. 


Housework, laundry and knitting are on the list for today. It has to be done. 
Until the next time......................

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