Friday, February 16, 2018

Preparing For The Next Projects

We had a couple of really sunny days with yesterday being warm with a high of about 10C. Today is starting out sunny but will become cloudy with snow flurries this evening. 


With the sunshine, we decided to make the second shelving unit for the baby barn (aka shed). Some hammering, some swearing and a lot of holding your tongue got it done. I hauled it up to the shed, we got the wooden shelves on it and we were happy. Until I looked at the first shelving unit and two of the metal pieces were in the wrong place. They got fixed and some items were put on the shelves. 
The Spousal Unit did spend more time sorting items in the shed and found a couple of things for the table saw (in a box marked canning jars). 


The UFO is ready to be put together so I can attach the ghosts to the last square. I will bag it up until I can get the plastic rings and then complete it.
I didn't sew yesterday but I did think about the next main project. I have a three ideas floating around in my head. 

  • No sew fleece blanket for Grandson. 
  • Reusable grocery bag for library books.
  • Purse from Lazy Girls for myself.
For the doll project, I am thinking of these mood boards. I'm trying to choose colors I can't wear to expand my work with color. 
Leggings in peach with a longer top in one of the other colors if they are in the stash. 
The second board is deeper and richer. 
I do have a piece of fabric with these colors in it. We wait and see until I get into the doll's stash. I know I am going to cut out 3 pairs of leggings to sew when I have time or need a quick project to work on. 


Was down to the library to pick up two of Lucy Neatby's videos on knitting. I worked so I could get them up on the TV and after what seemed like forever I did it. (And the Wii is working for Grandson). I touched the magic button. Now to find the remote so I can watch the two DVD's. I may ask for Lucy's material for birthday and Christmas gifts. 
I knit 20 rows on Grandson's socks and will try to knit another 20 rows today. If I meet my goal of knitting 20 rows a day, I may have them finished for his birthday next Saturday. 


I need to find the remote for the DVD player, go to Fibre Op at the library and get the sewing room ready for the next projects. This may or may not include digging in the doll's fabric stash. 

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