Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Knitting Kind of a Day

Yesterday, there was fog and when it left, the day was dismal and grey. Later in the afternoon, the skies opened up and it rained. Was raining at 9 p.m. Today is suppose to be better. Less rain, some sunshine and warm. 


Yesterday I started to do housework but the hand held vacuum needed to be charged. First I did the bathroom which has a large soaker tub. I dusted it as we don't use it. I don't think it has ever been used. Too much water and power to fill that sucker. Then, I started on the stairs. I vacuum the treads, dust the treads and wash them. Got two stairs done and the vacuum cleaner ran out of juice. Will finish that today. 
We did get side tracked for a while. The Spousal Unit brought in the light bulb changer and we put LED lights in the ceiling fan in the cathedral entrance. It has brightened up our house considerably. Then I darted outside and changed all the outside bulbs. We are down to 9 bulbs to change in the basement. Now, I want to change out all the pot lights and add at least 6 more in the dining/living area. 
The Spousal Unit spend quite a bit of time outside. I helped him put the ladder under the deck and he did a bunch more after I went in to clean. He came in at noon hot and tired. He did more after lunch but he didn't over do it. He is getting his strength back. 


I did nothing sewing related in the sewing room yesterday. I am hoping to cut out jeans today for the dolls. I need to have a some sewing projects ahead while I make the tie blanket. I want to both as the tie blanket has no sewing; just cutting and tying. 


The second newsboy hat was knit, sewn together, and tried on yesterday. 
It fits Anna quite well. I want to add a button to it and am waffling if I want to put a snowflake button on it or just a plain button on. If I go plain, it will be buttons I love -- two shades of grey. 
Kate also tried on the cap and we decided to knit hers on one size larger needles. Her head is a bit bigger. 
I have some ideas of using up some sock wool after I knit the girls sweaters. It is variegated grey and could be scarves to go with the hats. 
After Kate's cap is knit, I will have to knit one more for the girl I'll be adopting in the next 6 weeks. 
I cast on Kate's sweater and am increasing for the arms. Once that is done, I will do a fitting on her so I know how long the body has to be. I am doing the one to match this sweater Anna got. 
And a necklace will have to be made. 
I need to do more housework, cut out the doll's jeans and knit on the sweater. I will be out tonight as it is weight in night. 
Until the next time.....................

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  1. I think you've found the very best way to play with dolls. What fun! :-)