Monday, February 05, 2018

Doll Sized Necklaces

It was warm and wet when I got up this morning. In other words it was pouring rain, the wind was blowing, and the temperature was 10C. 


As it was too ugly to go outside, I did some housework and headed into the sewing room to make Anna two necklaces. 
She sat on my beading book while I did the beading. 
She loved the blue beads but when the first necklace was done, it was too long and the beads were strung too tightly onto the wire. 
So, the wire was cut near the magnetic clasp, the wire put into the bag for a smaller necklace and the job was started again. This time it was made to be just over 7.5" in length and was strung a bit looser. 
The necklace for the black sweater was also strung and it is really cute. I did not use seed beads but clear crystals with black seed beads between them. 
It was a fun 90 minutes in the sewing room and something different than sewing. The 7th bib is ready to be pinned onto the fabric which may happen this afternoon. If it happens, then I will cut it out and press the bias tape open. No sewing today; too tired for that. 
Until the next time...................

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