Sunday, February 25, 2018

Turtleneck Sweater #3 Completed

Though yesterday was a lovely day weather wise, the wind was cool. Today is a bit cooler but another sunny day. 


After turning the mattress end to end, I rested as my back was sore. Not so much from turning but tweaking it back onto the box spring. Our mattress is very heavy and, though I was careful, it still made my back sore. 
I got February's budget balanced. It is less detailed than I wanted but I will start that in March. From there I will redo our pie chart and keep it tweaked as we go through the months. We are aiming for reality in budgeting.
Elliott was a huge pain last night. He was in one of his moods. He knocked the yarn needle onto the floor and then the row counter onto my lap. He didn't stop at that as he proudly attacked one cushion on the sofa. What he didn't realize was -- I got after him, chased and hissed at him. He disappeared to the basement and was good after that. He wasn't hungry, he was in a naughty mood. 


Though I did go down to the sewing room, I didn't do any sewing or clean up. It wasn't in the books. Today is suppose to be the day and I hope to set up and sew 3 pairs of leggings for the dolls. I have some documenting to do which is a necessity of life when sewing. 


The first of Kate's sweaters is finished. She tried it on after she and Anna dug through the shoe bin. 
The boots were bought last year and the green in the sweater matches to perfection. I have green corduroy to make pants and jackets to wear with these boots. 
Anna chose the grey Ugg-look boots to wear with her outfit. 
I will be ordering another set of boots as Anna can wear them. I am going to try the sneakers on her again as they almost fit. I may have to stretch one pair a tiny bit. If so, I will order a couple of pairs of sneakers also. 
I have finished the body on the black sweater and started knitting the sleeves. Hopefully it will be ready to model on Monday. 


It is sewing day and I plan on having fun. 
Until the next time................

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