Thursday, February 08, 2018

3C's and 3W's in a Day

We really had quite the weather yesterday. We started out with the 3C's (cool, clear, calm), had snow at dinner time, and by midnight we had the 3W's (warm, wet, windy). Today started off warm but is cooling off. No snow left on the ground though more is to come tonight. 


As the weather was nice, we headed out to the library yesterday morning. The Spousal Unit wanted to know the name of a plant by the front door. We have never seen it before and it is bright yellow and green.
We also got out more books and I have two coming in that I will pick up on Friday. 


The adult bibs (unselfish sewing) are done to the closures. I am deciding on whether to use snaps or velcro. I am leaning towards velcro as I have red in the stash. Easier for staff to use. 
Once they were done, I sewed Anna her leggings. The pattern is a delight to use. 
I had them sewn in about 30 minutes. 
Part of that time was spent making sure the waistband and leg hems were press well prior to stitching. I used a tiny zig zag on the seams and trimmed them back some. 
When I turned my back, Anna got all the pieces out for her black wool slacks. They will be sewn next though I need to cut out Kate's slacks. Her's will be sewn after Anna's are done. I need to find Kate's legging pattern and make her a pair. 
I am looking forward to pulling fabric out of the stash for the next projects. I am going to do two projects at a time; one for people and one for dolls. The dolls are asking for Easter outfits. As I mull over them, I will finish up a wall hanging and put a zipper in a pair of pants. 


I have stalled on picking up the stitches for the gusset on Grandson's socks. I need to sit in the chair by the window and do it. I have knit on the dishcloth and will take it to Fibre Op tomorrow. On the list of knitting is sweaters for the dolls. They are quick and easy and I can add another pair of socks in there for Grandson. 


We are heading out to go to a used bookstore and do a bit of shopping. Lunch will be at a favorite restaurant. 
Until the next time....................

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