Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Day of Cleaning

Though we are having sunshine, we are also having it cooler with temperatures in the freezing department. There even was snow flurries yesterday morning. The sun has some heat to it if you stand in on the south side of the house.


Yesterday we were alone so I took the day to clean the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Though I didn't get it all done, I got a lot done. After sweeping up a ton of dirt, dust, and Elliott hair, I got down on my hands and knees and washed floors.
While doing the kitchen floor, I washed the lower cabinet doors and toe kick. Even the appliances got wiped as they were dusty. The dining room was easy to do. Wash and wipe the floor dry, move the table, and repeat. The living room wasn't as easy as I had to dismantle the fireplace, wash it, buff it dry, and reassemble. I scrubbed the hearth and then did the floor. There was a lot of cement grit and gobs on the floor. It looks so much better.
Thursday's picture
You can actually see the dirt on the floor and everything looks dull and dirty.
Friday's picture
Everything pops when it is cleaned up. Even the floor doesn't look too bad but will get washed again when the room is being set up.
I am looking at the living room and how to organize our stuff. I knit and watch TV at night and need to organize it all into a basket. I am sure I will be successful but it will take some time to figure it out.
I keep looking at what is in the basement and I need to deal with it. I will get it done I keep saying. I need to act and not talk.


Though I had no time to sew, I did do a bit of looking at ideas for a coat for the St. Patrick's Day dress. I will do a short swing coat and trim it a button at the neckline.
I have to wash some fabric and trace a pattern to start my next store project.


I work the early shift and would love to come home and do a bit of organizing in the living room. I will set it up before I go to work so I will do it when I come home.
Until the next time............................

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