Friday, February 17, 2017

Vogue 9123 Coat Pattern

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 14C or 58F. There was quite a bit of heat in the sun which was nice. This morning it is cool -- like in freezing. -2 or 28F.


Part of the day was spent washing hardwood floors. That meant on my hands and knees washing and wiping them dry. The amount of dust and dirt was on par to the amount of work that has been done in this house. We had kept it swept but it quickly got dusty again. I will continue to wash and wipe floors until they are free of dry mud dust.
I have to say, that no one room has had its floor completely scrubbed. Our bedroom is 2/3 done and I had to go and wash the guest room floor and got it half done. The box spring and mattress is on the clean part of the floor. Then I moved to the sewing room and got 75% of that floor washed. The sewing machine cabinet now resides in that room. What I wanted brought up is now upstairs. YES!! The rest we can move up on our own.
There is still some work to be done but the end is drawing nearer. We are now claiming most of our house and setting up the rooms.


I got the coat and infinity scarf completed. The pattern is Vogue 9123 and the scarf is my own design.
The coat is made out of upholstery fabric as we were challenged at work to make something unique out of this fabric. I chose the simplicity of the pattern as upholstery fabric is somewhat stiffer than garment fabric.
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Kasha Lining
  • Soutache trim
  • 5 buttons 
I spent quite a bit of time making sure the plaids matched and am happy I took the time (almost a whole day) doing that. It made for a more professional looking coat (or as one of the employees as the store said "Where did you buy this coat?")
The sewing of the coat is easy but it lacks jacket tailoring techniques. It does not have a back stay (which I would do the next time)nor sleeve headers. I set in the sleeves as shown and notched out the fullness so the sleeve head was smooth. A light pressing and they looked professional. It also does not have you finish the front facing nor trim off the lining underneath the front facing. Removing the lining was important as I did not want too much bulk in the front seams.  I also put a soutache trim on the raw edge to add a more professional look to the inside of the jacket.
 The hemming took the longest as I did them by hand. The buttons I chose suited the jacket to perfection.
I would make this coat again but not in upholstery fabric.
The infinity scarf is made from another upholstery fabric called sable suede. I have sewn a lot of rodeo queen dresses from this fabric and it is soft and supple; perfect for a scarf. I used my own design with one change. Instead of using 2 different widths of lace, I chose one width. Doing this meant a lot of hand sewing when I did the last step. Well worth the extra hour it took.
 Next to make is pyjamas for Grandson. They will be a fun project.


I have to wash more floors and sew on Grandson's pyjama bottoms.
Until the next time.........................

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