Thursday, February 09, 2017

Another Project

It snowed again last night with a good 2" of new stuff on the ground. It is still snowing at 6 a.m. The good thing is -- it's dry snow as the temperature is -11C or 12F. We will be going back to a mess as the temperatures are to go above freezing supposedly tomorrow.


We are coming to the end of the renovations. The stair well has been painted and the kitchen will be painted today. Then it is trim, blinds, and a few other little things that needs to be done. Then I can clean and sort and get our house back in order. The transformation is exactly what we wanted.
As we get closer to the end, I have started to visualize how I want the rooms to look. The living room will get 4 new chairs (out with the couch and love seat). I have 3 new throws for in there (2 grey and 1 red) and will probably get another grey throw as we don't have any red ones left. I want to add red and white pillows to the chairs to add a pop of colour. No floral prints are permitted as we have a more lodge look. It is harder to find what I want than I thought. But it is coming along in my mind.


Yesterday I had another project handed to me.
View E for the lady's apron in a navy and white print with lace that will have navy ribbon threaded through it.
The yellow apron for the doll in the same fabric with (hopefully) a tiny version of lace and ribbon on it. And, no bows on these aprons. Plus, the doll needs a plain dress to wear with the apron. These have to be done by the end of the month.
The coat pattern is really simple to sew but I have to do an adjustment as the outer fabric is a drapery fabric. When you make the coat, you make the lining exactly like the coat and then sew the front and back facings together and sew it on. The bulk will be something unreal and the facing isn't finished at all. So, I plan on sewing the facing to the lining and trim it with a soutache braid to cover the raw edge. After that, I will cut away the lining under the facing. The reviews have sating bias put on the raw edge of the facing and then hand stitch it to the lining. I am trying something new.


I am off work and we leave soon for the hospital for the Spousal to have his IV immune booster. I have to pick him up at noon. In between I am going to sew on the coat.
Until the next time....................

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    I am wondering why you are getting chairs and getting rid of the couch. I have that in my living room and often would love to just lie down on the couch for a little nap but can't so have to go to the bedroom, which is upstairs. I must be lazy! ;) I really miss having a couch in the living room so thought I would comment.