Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cleaning Up the Mess

Yesterday morning was cool at -2.4C or 28F but the high got to 8.9C or 48F. The sun was gorgeous and the house was bright all day.


I was busy yesterday with cleaning and decluttering. It started in our bedroom where we moved more furniture and I swept and washed the floor. I can start loading the extras in our closet now.
Next stop was the sewing room. I cleaned up the last kitchen chair and the two are ready to reside in the dining area after that floor is washed. Next, I sorted through two large bins of scrapbooking stuff. I literally went through the two tubs and tossed a large bag full of pure trash, put what I didn't want and is still good in another bag and got all the pictures into one tub plus two small bags. I want to do three to four simple albums. When I finished that job, the remaining part of the floor was swept and washed.
While cleaning up the sewing room, we did some cleaning in the kitchen. Some cupboards got cleaned and items moved around so the mixer could go into its own cupboard. It has been residing in the sewing room for the past month.
The last stop was the front entry and the remainder of the hall. I swept, dusted, scrubbed and got all the shoes in the hall closet. Also got a few things on the shelf. We are waiting for the coat hooks to be put on. Then I scrubbed the floor and put a chair and a mat in the front entry. Just needs a pictures to complete the simple look I am going for. I put a few things in the broom closet and scrubbed the floor. Waiting for hooks in there for the broom and mop to hang on.
I was tired when I got all that done. But I was happy to have it all clean and tidy.
We did talk about the outside work that needs to be done and will be doing it more slowly. I think that means we will be here for a few years.


With the sewing room floor scrubbed clean, I moved the sewing machine cabinet to its proper spot.
I set up the serger and started to sew Grandson's pyjama bottoms. The first pair are serged and I have started to sew them together.
I spotted a new line up of cottons at work. One piece in particular jumped out at me -- a lilac and off white stripe. I want it for a doll's dress and it has been niggling in my mind for a few days now. I plan on doing some 1900-1920's outfits for the dolls. There is also some cranberry faux suede I love and will be buying a piece of it to make a coat and hat with white fur trim. To buy -- black patent baby Jane shoes. Ideas ran in my head while I cleaned the house and I did have time to do a bit of research.
In the meantime, I will have to sew up the two doll's dresses for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Both will be done using retro patterns.


I have to grocery shop, finish the laundry, and clean the bathroom. I want to finish one pair of pyjama bottoms for Grandson so I can work on the other pair a couple of nights this week. I start work tomorrow for four days. I have enjoyed having these three days off.
Until the next time.....................

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