Wednesday, February 08, 2017

It's Cold Out There

It is cold out there this morning. -20C or -4F at 5 a.m. and a bit colder at 6 a.m. There is suppose to be more snow fall in the next 36 hours. Then there is to be warmer weather starting tomorrow. We are not as bad off as the coast where one community has had 30" of snow fall.


The Spousal Unit had a quiet day by himself yesterday. He got the dirty/dusty blinds off the living room window and vacuumed the floor. I need to wash the windows prior to them being painted.
As much as I am itching to reclaim our house, I can't as we still need the kitchen and back entrance painted. That means more dust. Am I sick of dust? You bet I am.
I am finished my orders for this month and will start the discount list today at work. I am ready to go at it and one of the ladies will be moving fabric around because of it. We will laugh as I do it.


I have two projects to sew for work. One is the coat which I will work on for three or four hours tomorrow. When that is done, I have a jacket to sew. In between I need to sew Grandson's pyjamas. I will be busy on my days off. Next week I have three days off so will get a lot of sewing done then.


The doll's shawl is a bit snug so will be increasing to 70 stitches the next time. I will be starting the next one tomorrow night.


I am working my 5th day and will be relaxing tonight.
Until the next time.........................

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