Friday, February 10, 2017

An Update on the Coat

It snowed yesterday. A lot. Like over 4" of the stuff. It quit about 5 p.m. and nothing since, thank goodness. But we could get more today.


The end of the renovations is in sight. We are down to seeing the end of the tunnel. A lot of small piddly work that takes time but is needed for that finished look. Yes! Yes! Yes! We are both so tired of having every square inch of both floors dirty, messy, or both.
The Spousal Unit had his IV immune booster yesterday and has two more to go before he is finished. He will be happy not having to sit in a small room by himself looking out a window at the scenery. It does get boring.


I sorted the doll's patterns yesterday and got them filed. I have to find another small batch that needs filing and I will have that job done. I have a lot of them plus quite a few on the computer that I have downloaded.
I worked on the coat and it is turning out nicely. The outer part is sewn and the plaids match up near perfectly. I got the lining cut out and all but the sleeves sewn up on it. It was time to get a second opinion so out into the snow storm I went to get it.
The lining is cut exactly the same as the coat and there is a front and neck facing cut out of the outer fabric. All are three pieces of fabric (coat, lining, facing) are sewn together at the neck and front. Too much bulk for this coat and I had to think this through for several hours to get it correct. Finally I laid the sewn facing on top of the lining, pinned it down and decided on what to do.
  • Stitch the outer edge of the facing to the lining.
  • Sew soutache braid to the outer edge to hide the fact it is unfinished (yes the pattern tells you to leave that edge unfinished).
  • Cut the lining back to the stitching and sew the new and improved lining like you would in a normal coat.
Before I can sew the lining in, I have to attach the sleeves. After the lining is sewn in, I will trim the seams, press, and hem. After that, button holes and it will be done. Then the infinity scarf needs to be sewn which is an afternoon sew.
Next on the list is to sew Grandson's pyjamas. They will be a fun project to do. I will need to set up the serger to finish the seams. What I like -- lots of straight seams.


I am at home and need to finish laundry and sew on the coat. I will take pictures of it so  you can see the process I am taking on the lining.
Until the next time...........................

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