Sunday, February 19, 2017

Anger to Calm -- A Good Feeling

It was more cloudy yesterday and cooler. It got to 4C or 33F and the draft/breeze was cold. They say we had snow and rain but that must have been at the higher levels as we didn't have any at our location.


We headed out shopping early yesterday and met a friend. We had a good half hour talk with her as we haven't seen her since we left Ashcroft.
Once home, I decided to clean the fridge before lunch and then sewed. After lunch, I did laundry and cleaned up more in the kitchen. Just one lower cabinet and drawer left to clean and I am basically done. Another garbage bag of pure junk to the trash can. I think I got rid of 5 bags to the trash and one bag for charity.
I spent some time reflecting and dealt with my thoughts. Stress had turned to anger and I had to let go of it. The guys have done nothing wrong and I have to focus on the positive -- the house looks amazing. I have to let go of what I won't be doing in the future and focus on what I can do in the future. It is hard to let go of some items but I will do it. Maybe not as happily as I should but I will be happy when it's gone and I don't have to look at it. I am hoping that I will feel calmer and happier with those thoughts dealt with. Next on the list is to look after myself once again.  


I sewed yesterday in the sewing room and it was delightful. I got a pair of pyjama bottoms done for Grandson.
The second pair will be sewn this week and both will be sent to him for a belated birthday present. Along with 2 books.
As I went downstairs to iron and measure, I looked at what is left in the basement that needs to come upstairs. I am really wondering if I need to keep it all or give a lot of it away. I am thinking I will keep what I really want/need/love and release the rest of it to a thrift store.
Two of the dolls are going and I hope a friend will take them. I will give here the patterns I have two of so she can sew for her grand daughter. Two will go to charity with small wardrobes and I will keep two. I love the two I am keeping. It was a difficult decision but one I had to make.
The doll's stash will continue to get small amounts of fabric in it. I want to sew more clothes and eventually market them. I plan on doing a wide variety of clothing from all eras. Some I will keep, others I will sell. I also want to take a couple of course on designing doll clothes. I am excited about this plan.
Garment sewing will be mostly projects. I hope to make one item or outfit a month for the store with a goal of 16 to 20 items in the next two years. All must coordinate so I can have a nice basic wardrobe. I have a feeling I will be letting go of some of the fabric in the stash. I know what I really want to keep and the rest will have to go.
I am adding jewelry making to my hobbies and hope that I can do some jewelry for the dolls. I have to talk to a friend to see if we can meet up so I can learn more. I do want to keep the supplies in one small shoe container. Yes, this is to be a small hobby.
I am happy with my plan and we will see how I do when I bring everything upstairs.


I sat and knit last night. The first time in a long time. I did 12 rounds on the socks and got 2/3rds of another shawl knit. It was lovely to work on those projects again.


I am at work and I am looking forward to being there. I do hope to serge some of the second pair of pyjamas after dinner and knit on the shawl.

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