Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shopping For the Dolls

It was a lovely day with a high of 10C or 50F. We enjoyed putting out the garbage yesterday due to the warm sunny weather we had.


The stone ledge came for the fireplace and work has begun on it.
I was a bit worried about this stone as the picture (which is all we had to work with) showed it as black. But, it is full of shades of grey which is perfect. We both love it.
Once I got over my anger and became calm again, I started to eat better. I have been loosing weight and hope to reach the goal I set for April. I know most of what I was going through is a mind set, I really have to set my mind to being calm and looking after myself.


I serged all the seams on the second pair of pyjama pants yesterday morning. They are ready to be sewn together this morning.
I did a bit of shopping before work yesterday and bought these fabrics for the dolls.
For Lady Lily's Afternoon Tea Dress.

Dress #1
I chose this lovely stripe in a quilting cotton. It is gorgeous fabric and will by perfect for the dress. I bought the last of this lace so will have to order some more. To go with the dress is cream coloured pearls for a necklace.
Dress #2
I found this cotton after Daughter showed it to me. She bought some with a black and white dot for a shirt. The necklace is black with almost a clear bead. The lace is
For the other tea dress

I chose an aqua print with a fabulous lace. The pearls for the necklace are white.
The lace is from the store's bridal selection and we looked at every single one before choosing this one.
The last piece I bought is to make a Laura Ingalls Wilder dress and it is gingham with a blue ribbon. I will see what I make for a simple necklace if I can find a cameo.
I also bought one pattern so I can make some colonial outfits.
I am excited to start sewing doll's outfits again. I did wash the cottons for the St. Patrick's Day and Easter dresses so will begin them shortly.


I work a later shift as we have a staff meeting. I won't be doing much when I get home but hope to sew the pyjama bottoms before I leave for work.
Until the next time....................


  1. Such pretty fabric and lace. I'm looking forward to seeing the dolls when you finish. Oh, and I really like the gray and white and all the trims you've put into the house. So nice!

  2. I love the fabrics you've chosen for those period dresses Ann. Really lovely! I can't wait to see them all completed!