Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Doll Outfit Complete

The day temperatures are above freezing and are below freezing at night. So it has become a thaw and freeze situation with the snow we accumulated. Probably better than having it warm day and night and water flowing everywhere.


I have been busy discounting at work and moving a lot of bolts of fabric and packages of bedding. About 200 pieces yesterday alone. My body is aching but there is more to do today.
I got pictures of the kitchen after I did some cleaning. It is fairly easy to keep clean now we have the first layer of dirt off.
The window will have a mini blind put on it to keep out the hot summer sun. The blue light on the dishwasher says its finished cleaning.
Still waiting for the dish towel hanger to be hung under the sink. That will keep the towels off the counter.
The stove and pantry area.
The fridge and beverage/charging area (which we both love). I will be adding red as an accent colour in the kitchen.
We both love this room as it has lots of counter space, is open for us to move around in and is light and bright.
Cherie, I may end up hiring a cleaning company to do the last clean after I reload the rooms. That way they can do both up and down stairs. I will be doing the first cleaning as I reload the rooms.


I had a few minutes to take some pictures of the doll at work.
The back of the dress doesn't show the low part of the skirt due to the stand.
The necklace is on and it is perfect with this dress.
And the whole outfit.
Next is to make the St. Patrick's Day dress. The dress will be floor length and will have a shawl and necklace also.


I am at work and have about 90 minutes by myself to put out drapery rolls and garment fabric. Then it will be discounting some more.
Until the next time............................

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