Sunday, February 05, 2017

Plaid Coat Progress

Though the flakes were small, it was snowing when we went to bed last night. There was another inch on the sidewalk this morning making a total of about 5". It is clearing off so we may have sunshine like we did for part of yesterday.


We had no one working yesterday at the house. The Spousal Unit shovelled snow and put the door handles on the linen and broom closet doors. Today we have Adam back and I think he wants to fix the kitchen floor where the tiles aren't sticking properly to the subfloor.
At work, I helped do some displays and then spent some time on an order. One more to go and I am caught up for the month.


The plaid fabric for the coat is cut out and I have enough fabric left to make a bag. I would love to put a flap on it so will have to spend some time on that. Ideas are floating in my head; latch closing, wool braid trim.
I have another doll's dress planned in a green with dark blue print cotton. This dress will be a long one. I will have another necklace made in green or blue and maybe gold. I will do it as a quick sew and then keep the extra fabric to make a top for another outfit.


I set up and knit the shawl last night. It is an easy knit and I got about half of it done. I will show you when it is done. I have to make another one or two in case I need them for an outfit.


I work today and will knit tonight.
Until the next time..........................

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