Friday, February 03, 2017

Hiding in the Basement

We are experiencing another cold snap though it isn't as cold as the previous one. Starting today, we are to have several days of snow. What a joy that will be.


Though we are making progress, I am feeling stressed out. I can't clean on my days off as there is too much going on. I look at the mess and want to pull my hair out. I just go and hide in the basement.
The kitchen backsplash is coming along nicely. Just one small area to put the tiles on and the grouting can begin.
We do like it. It ties everything together in that area. This is the lightest coloured kitchen we have had in all our married years.
The front entry and living room got the first coat of paint and a skim coat put on the spots that had imperfections. The last coat goes on today. Just the kitchen and back entry left to paint and that mess will be gone.
The Spousal Unit has the knobs on the bi-fold doors. So nice to open the doors using a knob rather than your fingers or toes. We chose square knobs in keeping with a more clean look.
We talked to our family in Nova Scotia yesterday. They have had snow and cold weather also. We love Skyping with them and showing each other what we are doing in our houses. Their house is about 8 years newer than ours but needs more work than ours. New windows and more insulation in the attic are the first two items for them.


With the renovations upstairs driving me to the basement, I decided to sew a doll's dress for Valentine's day. I used Butterick 6431 and the blue dress view. Mine is shorter than theirs.
The under dress is red cotton sateen and lovely to sew. The top dress is a sparkly knit residing in the stash. The store sells both of the fabrics. I eliminated a third layer as the skirt poufs out enough. The dress is easy to make with no real issues. The skirts are gathered separately as the top skirt needs more gathering than the underskirt. Even the hem was easy to sew up. I didn't take a picture of the back (will do that at work) but it scoops down making it a high low skirt. A friend is making a necklace out of crystals and red beads to finish the look. I would love to knit a white shawl to go with the dress and an idea is sprouting in my head. I need to get a ball of yarn from the store and write up an easy pattern I use to do for dishcloths. When you stop increasing (triangle) cast off and you have a shawl.


I am off work again today and will be in the basement after I shop. I hope to trace my coat pattern and sort through some patterns and file them. I need to find a bag with the file folders in it. It is in this house and in the mess. Yes, I'm stressed looking for things in this house that get moved around due to the renovations.
Until the next time..........................

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