Friday, February 24, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Dress Completed

Though the weather has been nice, it has been a bit cooler during the day and below freezing temperatures at night. They have called for snow flurries daily but none has materialized. It may today and the clouds are pink.


Most of the house is done and ready for me to clean up the dust and cat hair. There is one area in the living room that needs painting and we can have the house to ourselves.
Yesterday the fireplace was finished and ready for painting. That will happen on Saturday. 
The whole mantle cost us $13.50 as we used the old mantle and a piece of primed MDF we had on hand. We bought a piece of trim after the Spousal Unit had blood work done in the morning.
I will be washing the floor around the fireplace preparing it for the painter. Then we move back into our space. We can hardly wait.


As we were having the fireplace done and a few other small jobs completed, I decided to sew the doll's St. Patrick's Day dress. It was an easy pattern to sew up.
Butterick 6001 Retro 1956
I chose not to add any trim to the dress as the cotton had a nice print to it and could/would have been hard to match up. I did finish most of the seams using a 3-thread overlock stitch on the serger. Worked perfectly and I will continue using it for all the doll's clothes. The ribbon I chose is an organza ribbon that matched perfectly.
The dress is a bit long so I am considering making a netting/tulle crinoline for under the dress. I have enough fabric left to make something else -- maybe a short coat to wear over the dress when going out to parties. There is a cute coat/jacket included in the pattern. This outfit gets a necklace that will be longer in length. It is clear crystals with tiny green beads between the crystals.
Next is to make the jeans for the doll's SWAP. I need to get them done and off the list.


I am home and plan on grocery shopping and then cleaning house with several loads of laundry on the side. We are alone today so I can clean house.
Until the next time.....................

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