Monday, February 20, 2017

Historical Doll Clothes Ideas

Though it snowed around us yesterday, we had sunshine and clouds during the day. What was nice -- we all drove home in the daylight at the end of the day.


Though we still have the contractor's tools in the house, I arrived home feeling calm and relaxed. The end is near which is probably helping me keep this frame of mind. I ate well yesterday and felt good. I want to keep this going as I enjoyed this feeling prior to the renovations. It is a mindset that I need to work on. With it comes weight loss and a more energy. I want that back.


I didn't sew on Grandson's pyjamas last night as I wanted to clean up the kitchen and finish up the laundry. I was also a bit tired from work. We did some extra tidying up during the slow spells.
I did spend a few minutes looking at fabric for doll clothes. I have decided to sew both historical and modern clothing for the dolls and will try to alternate the period. I have it set in my mind to make this dress as my first historical outfit.
I want to buy a stripe cotton, lace, ribbon and pearls (necklace) for this outfit. Then I will buy black patent baby Jane shoes to go with it unless I choose a light colour and then it will be white shoes.
Another dress I want to make is this one.

For this outfit, I will look for a small print cotton and lace and will also make a pearl necklace for it.
I am quite excited to make these two Edwardian style dresses. First I have to make the St. Patrick's Day dress which I am looking forward to doing.


I finished the doll's shawl last night and did 5 or 6 rounds on the socks. I will continue to knit the socks and try out a couple of new ideas from an e-book I am looking at. I need to find a cute green button for the shawl so it matches the dress.


I am at work today and I plan on knitting on the socks tonight.
Until the next time...................

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