Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Project Pyjama Bottoms Done

Yesterday was another sunny day and this morning it is trying to snow. It is February and this is our weather.


I have been super careful with what I have been eating since Sunday and I know I have lost 5 or more pounds. Add all the walking I have done (6 miles yesterday alone) and I know I will get back to my late November weight soon.
Though the renovations tipped me off my good eating habits (take out food is the worst thing for me) and the stress levels were so high it turned to anger, I am happy that I didn't continue on with where I was going. I am feeling calm which means I am feeling better emotionally and physically. I really want to say I have lost a total of 50 pounds by Easter or two weeks later when I see the dietician. That will be 2 pounds per week which is healthy.
I had a bit of fun with Elliott yesterday morning. He sleeps on our bed under the throws. I kept pulling the throw back to take his picture and he kept ducking back under. I finally got a picture of him.
He sleeps under the throw on our bed between 5 and 7 hours every day.


I finished up Grandson's second pair of pyjama bottoms yesterday and they went together like a charm.
They will be mailed tomorrow and he should have them on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Next up on the list is to make a St. Patrick's Day dress for one of the dolls and a light weight jacket for me. I will wash the fabric tomorrow.
I did buy a piece of fabric yesterday and will be making a top out of it. I have to wait for the Burda pattern to arrive so more on that later.


I am at work and want to iron the doll's dress fabric before I go.
Until the next time..................

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