Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Test Sewing Fabric -- Another Doll Top

We are having our typical fall weather; sunshine, wind and showers. The sunny days are glorious with temperatures as high as 25C or 77F. This can continue into October. This morning our temperature at 6 a.m. was 4C or 39.5F. That is one of our coolest mornings.


I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday which was an Ultimate Sale (50% off most everything in the store) and then was in early Monday to set up for the next sale. I was really tired when I got done Monday afternoon and wasn't too ambitious after I got home.
Yesterday was a better day with some shopping and ordering the new entry doors. It was a slower paced day which I needed.
When I got weighed on Monday, my weight was the same. I hit a small plateau which was fine with me. My body needed to catch up to the weight loss. This morning, I got on the scales as I had two good days and bang! I was down another 2.9 pounds for a total of 36.6 pounds total. I was amazed at what my body did.


I am still cutting out the top for my store project. Just one more piece and I can sew it. But, I decided to cut out a top for one of the dolls from some scraps and test sew the fabric.
It sews up beautifully and I am looking forward to making my top. Now the doll wants blue jeans to go with her new blue runners.
And a belt for the top. The jeans will be cut out of a pair of my worn jeans. The back of the legs will be perfect for her.


I bought new knitting needles on Friday and I love them. They are metal (carbide steel with stainless points). Knitting is a dream. I am getting more and letting go of some of my wood needles.
I knit two evenings on the doll socks and got one finished. The second one has the ribbing done. It won't take long to finish. The hardest part is to remember to tally the rows as I knit.
Once done, I will be knitting socks for Grandson.


I work today and tomorrow so not a lot will get done. All I have on my to do list is cut out the last piece of my top and be ready to sew it up on Friday morning.
Until the next time.....................

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  1. great weight loss! Love seeing those dolls, you have so much patience sewing those tiny clothes. Mine is coming off slower than yours but still going in the right direction.