Saturday, September 03, 2016

A Tiny Sleeve is In

Yesterday was grey and dreary until mid afternoon when the sun shone. There was over 1/2" of rain fall leaving the area in good shape moisture wise. Showers are in the forecast for today.


We are changing up displays at work and got two done while it was quiet (evening). I spent time thinking of what to put in the displays, putting away a lot of fabrics, and cleaning up some of the quilting cottons. Got a bunch of those cottons condensed and tidied -- 18 shelves to be exact.


As I was home in the morning, I worked on the doll's shirt. The first sleeve is in and my eyes were crossed. I put in a tiny placket and folded tiny pleats.
After the second sleeve is in, I need to dig and find the crystals for the yoke and the buttons for the front. The joys of having to empty the sewing room.


I have picked up the crochet hook to finish the afghan so I can start knitting socks. Am on the last round of the sea foam green and then will do two or three rows of a light navy blue.


I work an 8 hour shift so won't get much done at home today.
Until the next time.........................

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