Tuesday, October 04, 2016

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

We are having a lovely fall. The highs are in the mid to high teens Celsius and the nights are still warm. We did have frost one morning. With a lot of sunshine, people are out and about doing things. 


Much of the garden has been harvested. The potatoes and carrots will come in soon which means figuring out what to do with them. I guess we will freeze the carrots and eat the potatoes in a hurry.
The Spousal Unit has also been tidying up the front flower beds and getting everything ready for winter. He awaits his two surgeries this month, has next month off except for blood tests, and then has his second eye done and a MRI in December.
I am still loosing weight and am happy with my progress. I am still very active at the store. Though my steps are down a bit, I am lifting drapery fabric rolls as I discount that department. I am hoping that will be done by Thursday night and I can move on to other things.
We had a huge issue in our basement suite and I lost my cool. One tenant is leaving on good terms with us. He decided to move to another community to be closer to work and farther from his friends. The other tenant we evicted after I threw out a person who had no right to be in the suite and had drugs in there. We will clean the unit in early November and try to rent again in December. It was a huge learning curve for us.


I decided that I can be a stupid sewer. The store project top has been a pain to sew. I didn't get pieces to line up so had to cut out more pieces. The dolls will have lots of tops, jackets, and sweaters out of the pieces I didn't get to use. I have to cut out one more front and then I can finish sewing it up. I will be a week late handing it in but that is okay.
My stupidity has put me behind in the doll's sewing. I have to make 2 more outfits for Halloween and then a bunch of other sewing needs to be done.
This is for jackets and infinity scarves for the dolls. I am thinking black pants, grey Uggs boots, hat, mitts, socks, and a top.


I finished up the cream socks and put them on a doll. I have set up a variegated set of socks that will be shorter in the leg than the cream ones. I hope to knit a sweater out of the remaining yarn and then sew an outfit for the doll.


I am off work but need to go in and fix some paperwork, see the respiratory therapist for my new CPAP machine, sew on my top and then head back to work and attend a staff meeting. Another busy day.
Until the next time.....................

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