Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Day of Sewing

Though we woke up to rain yesterday morning, the rest of the day was nice. Not to warm at 21C or 69F. We had a repeat again this morning -- rain again this morning. Our days are getting shorter -- 13 hours of daylight today.


The Spousal Unit got a call from the doctor who did the biopsy on his back. He goes in next Thursday for the results. A bit unsettling to say the least.
We cooked a turkey yesterday and it was delicious. Moist and tasty. I roasted potatoes, onions, and carrots to go with our meal. No gravy or dressing but we were happy with what we chose.


I did a lot of sewing yesterday. First thing I finished the western outfit. Sewing tiny buttons, several snaps, and a cuff finished the outfit.
I did fix the rhinestone at the top of the chaps.
Next I got out a strapless sundress I had made earlier as an idea hit me for that outfit. It was too big so I had to alter it to fit the doll.
The side seams and back seam were taken in 1/8" so it would fit. This dress is lined. I need to get a spool of matching thread to finish up the dress. I plan on making a white t-shirt, hat, and bag to complete the outfit. I love the white sandals I bought to go with the outfit. A very summery look.
I worked on the wall hanging (no pictures yet). I used glow in the dark thread to quilt it with and orange thread to stitch in the ditch at the border. Now I am thinking about using the orange thread to stitch around the pumpkins in each square. I hope to trim it up today and do more stitching on it.


I am on the last round of the afghan. I did a lot of crocheting last night. Next will be to weave in the loose ends. It will be nice to return it finished to its owner.


I am home today. A busy day but I hope to get some sewing done. And, hopefully get a picture of the wall hanging.
Until tomorrow...........................


  1. Such patience to sew all those little garments. The dolls look so cute in their outfits. When a doc wants to see you after a previous visit the wait is really nerve wracking. This is hard on you both. I think about you both often.

  2. Forgot to mention in my last message. Fantastic weight loss!