Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sunshine All Around

It was a totally sunny day yesterday both weather
 and lifestyle wise. With a high of 20C or 69F, we enjoyed every minute of our sunny day.


The day started off with the Spousal Unit having his final IV therapy session. He is done getting his immune booster for the time being. He is looking and doing so much better than in May.
At noon, I got a phone call that I needed my thyroid medication changed and I got to see the doctor when the Spousal Unit did in the afternoon. He got his prescription for his gastro issue renewed. He is down to taking them only when necessary.
My visit was a big one. I thought I needed a higher dose of thyroid medication but it wasn't the case. My dose was dropped by 12 mcg due to weight loss. Then I asked about my A1C (glucose in blood for the past 3 months) and it was down to 5.5 from 5.8 in the spring and from 6.3 in 2014. I am in the normal range and couldn't be happier. Cholesterol levels are in the normal range and blood pressure where it should be using a normal sized cuff. I usually have to use a large cuff. I was Snoopy dancing out the door.
My goal is to continue eating well, walking lots at work, and loosing weight. My foremost goal when I started this journey was to become healthy and I am doing that.
I did a quick survey of the house yesterday and need to get some boxes from work that I can fill and drop off at the thrift stores. We still have too much stuff in our space and we both know we need to get rid of the excess. One would think we would have very little but we don't. It seems we brought too much with us and with last winter being a bad one, we didn't get rid of much due to the circumstances.


I had thought I would be cutting out my project yesterday afternoon but that didn't happen. Instead, I started to purge my sewing stuff. The journey started with quilting cottons and I purged a box and 5 small containers of cottons into the box. The box isn't full. I didn't touch 3 containers as one has a quilt that needs to go on the long arm, one has pieces of linen in it (I will probably give those away), and the third one has some of my parents items in it. The last container I didn't get to has patterns in it that I need to purge.
I feel I did a great job of letting go of fabrics I love but won't use. What I kept I will use over time. What is sitting on the couch needs to be given to a co-worker so her daughter can take it to her quilting group and a few scraps need to go into the garbage.


I work the early shift and tonight I will sort a few more containers and box/bag up the excess.
Until the next time.

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