Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Tiny Cowboy Boots

It wasn't too bad a day yesterday. We saw sunshine after the rain. People are now saying they think it is going to be a cold snowy winter. Who knows though we did have a lot of snow fall last year around Christmas.


I spent most of yesterday doing signs at work. As I did the signs, I had to move some fabrics around, fix tables, and make sure all was right. The first of many go rounds on signage. Next will be to make signs for the notions.


I might be buying some fabric. I found some that I really liked in a mountain theme that is sort of cartoon-like. I  have to think of an project to show case the fabric. I really am thinking hard on it.
The shoes arrived yesterday and the cowboy boots set off the western outfit.

I hope to finish the outfit on my days off and have it in the store on Friday afternoon.


I worked on the afghan last night and have one long side to crochet and the first round of navy will be done. I forget how long it is around the afghan so I feel I have four to five more nights before it will be done.


I am not working so I do hope to get some sewing done. The doll outfit for sure. Then on to the Halloween wall hanging.
Until the next time............................

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