Friday, September 16, 2016

Three Strikes But We Aren't Out

Yesterday was beautiful with a lot of sunshine and a high of 28C or 82F. Today is suppose to be cloudy, almost as warm but showers are moving in for the weekend.


We were busy most of yesterday. I went to have blood tests done and found out I needed to fast this time. So, I try again next week.
The Spousal Unit went to see the plastic surgeon for the results of the brown spot on his back and the biopsy showed cancer cells. He has surgery on Oct. 4 to have it removed. He was one upset man about this. When he settled down, he did say it is best to have it done so it won't head to his organs. This cancer is very aggressive if left alone.
Elliot went in for his weigh in. No weight lost. He is still the same weight as last month. We are removing 1/8 cup of food from his daily intake to see if it will jump start a loss for next month. He isn't an active cat which doesn't help him loose weight.
Son and Daughter-in-Law texted us saying they now own a house in Nova Scotia. They will update us on when and who moves first.
I have been loosing weight and am now down 33.5 pounds. This is the lightest I have weight in 6 years. I am feeling so much better and am still very focused on my journey.


I started the first of the Halloween outfits for the dolls.
This is a fitting picture and I do love how it looks. The pattern is a Liberty Jane pattern found at Pixie Faire. The only change I made was to interface the cotton pumpkin for a bit more shape.
I fooled around with the neck piece and added green crystals to it.
The hat will have three crystals on each section.
The t-shirt and leggings are now pinned onto the fabric ready to cut out.
Winter outfits are going through my head right now but I am remaining focussed on Halloween at the moment. I have two more outfits to make both are more labour intensive than this one.


The first sock has had the heel turned, the gusset stitches picked up and the first couple of rows of the gusset knit. We are making progress though I am not rushing through this project.


I work all day and hope to knit on the socks tonight.


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  2. So sorry to hear that the spousal unit has another challenge to deal with. I love the little pumpkin costume. And third, congratulations on your weight loss. I am slowly working at it but not as quickly as you.