Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Triangle Pocket Bag #2

It as a really sunny day yesterday and is suppose to be like that for the rest of the week. The mornings are cool which reminds us of Indian summer. How I love this kind of weather.


We did a bit of running around today as I was off work. We are planning our renovations -- new exterior doors. We also talked about painting the stucco on the house and adding a faux rock trim to the front. Ideas are flowing.


Daughter got a new lunch bag. She provided the print and I provided the light weight denim and cotton lining. Part of her birthday present.
The pattern is the Triangle Pocket Bag and it went together well.
I love the print and it was perfect for the pocket. After the pocket was done, the bag went together fairly well. I made sure all the pieces were the same size.
The handles are 30" long so Daughter can put it on her shoulder when going upstairs to work.
I also got the sewing room ready to have the valance taken down. Not cleaned out as I wanted. I put the next few projects out so I can grab them to sew. A few others are in the closet and can be grabbed easily. I can live with that until the room is done.
I am taking stock of what I have piled in the house and realize that I need to either sew faster or get rid of more fabric. I am hoping to sew faster. Next on the list is the trick or treat bag for Grandson. It should be easy as it is just my regular reusable grocery bag pattern.
I set up the first doll sock and it is nice to be knitting again. Elliot had to have a look at it also.
I have knit it to ankle length and will be knitting it to be knee high.


I work a full shift. I hope to knit on the doll sock tonight. I am not rushing it, just enjoying it.
Until the next time......................

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