Monday, September 05, 2016

Happy Labour Day

The rain seems to have left us and we are now having sunny weather. There will be clouds and some showers according to the weather person but nothing like we had. Mornings are cooler but in the normal range. Fall is coming.


Our son sent us a link last night to let us know during our weekly Skype that they bought a house in Nova Scotia. One half will be moving as soon as the sale goes through with the other half moving as soon as the house in Edmonton is sold. A surprise but not a surprise. A six hour flight to visit them. 
The weight is still coming off at a good rate. This week I lost 2.5 pounds for a total of 28 pounds to date. I am happy with the loss.


I bought (yes I did) a Halloween panel and enough fabric to make a wall hanging for Grandson. The goal is to quilt it with glow in the dark thread. Pictures to follow. They saw it on Skype last night and are waiting for it to be done. Will start it this week.


I have been working on the afghan and am nearly half done the last row of the light blue. Two rows of navy and it will be done. Will have to weave all the yarn ends in and launder it. Then onto knitting socks.


I am off work. We have a friend coming with her two boys to get vegetables from the garden. It will be a hoot watching the boys dig what they need from the garden.
Until the next time...............

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