Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween Outfit #1 Completed

We had a lovely spell of sunny weather and then some rain with high winds and it has turned into fall. The leaves are coming off the trees though we haven't had a frost. There are low clouds in the morning which burn off to sunshine or remain and it is gloomy with light rain showers.


The Spousal Unit has mowed the lawn several times this fall and it is looking lusher and greener than it did during the summer. He is also getting the garden pulled so we will be going to the composting center next week. Our garden has been over the top this summer and we have to freeze carrots and use up onions and potatoes.
Son will be moving to Nova Scotia at the end of October. They put their house up for sale at the end of September and Daughter-in-law will move when it sells. It is final they will be on the other side of Canada from us.
I have decided to start cleaning up our stuff in this house. We have too much and it needs to be thinned downed a whole pile. I will start with my sewing room and working out from that. It needs to be done during the next year.
The weight is still coming off me and I am down 33.7 pounds to date with a 3.5 pound in the last week. I am eating healthy but find I am not as hungry as I was before. The journey continues until it is completed.


I finished up one of the doll's Halloween costumes. The leggings and t-shirt are really cute but my machine didn't like the fabric. I put in the right needle and set it for knits but there were some small issues. Re-sewing seams was done in a couple of places.
I found a pair of shoes for her to wear until the sneakers are ordered and arrive. It allows me to take her to work today.
I bought two more dolls yesterday (two for the price of one). They will be put into rotation also.
The umbrella for Raine is really cute.
I see a spring outfit using the umbrella. I also looked at their clothes and am going to make red nylon jackets to go with the soccer outfits. That was the only inspiration I had while going through the outfits.
I have decided to clean up and purge my sewing room once again. I need to look at everything and make huge decisions. I want our house to have less in it and I must start in that room.


I worked on the doll's sock and realized something was wrong. I had too many stitches on the needles so I ravelled it all out. During that process I lost a needle in the couch so need to buy a new package of needles to knit doll clothes on. I wouldn't have to buy them but Elliott bit the end of one of the needles.


I work a full shift and close the store. I would love to figure out what I could knit tonight but don't want to start another project. Maybe I will sort through some sewing tubs I have stored in the living room.
Until the next time..............................

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  1. It seems you have been purging from your house(s) since I have been reading your blog. By my calculations, it should be almost empty by now! LOL Good luck in this latest clean-out! How often will you get to see son when he moves so far away? I hope fairly often.