Saturday, September 10, 2016

Random Thoughts

  • The doll went to work yesterday, was packed and shipped with the other two dolls to Calgary.
  • The staff did not get to see the dolls they were packed so quickly.
  • Head Office staff await their arrival and they get to see them on Monday.
  • Then they head to Banff for a week for the manager's meeting.
  • The wall hanging didn't come home with me as it got hung up in the store.
  • They have it for a month and then it gets shipped to Edmonton.
  • I have lost 30 pounds as of today.
  • Found out that my smaller jeans verge on being too big.
  • But I can do squats while wearing them.
  • Haven't done that for a few years. The last time was in running capris.
Another day at work.

1 comment:

  1. So nice to see your sewing talents and skills recognized with those dolls. You did a fantastic job on them. Thirty pounds! My progress is slower but still working.