Tuesday, September 06, 2016

More Tiny Sewing

Yesterday started out nice; cool but sunny. In the afternoon it started to rain and last night it rained. With the mess out on the road, I am thinking it rained most of the night. It is still raining this morning. Yuck!!


A friend and her two sons (ages 7 and 11) arrived yesterday afternoon for vegetables. They pulled carrots, onions, and beets. Then they dug potatoes. The Spousal Unit picked cucumbers and tomatoes for them. They left with quite the haul and had baked vegetables for dinner. We had a great visit with them. Even Elliott remembered who they were and let them pick him up for cuddles.


I got the Halloween panel trimmed and the border put on. The backing is pressed and I am ready to stuff it. I need to find the safety pins so I can do the job. I am hoping to find them tomorrow.
Once I got that far with the quilt, I flipped over a piece of fabric and there were the tiny rhinestones I needed. I decided to work on the doll's shirt.
The second sleeve was inserted and the rhinestones put on the second yoke. Then the side seams and hem were sewn and the first cuff put on. Button decision came next.
The blue buttons were chosen. I sewed one onto the cuff and one on the shirt and called it a day. I was tired from tiny sewing.
The second cuff, Velcro and buttons are all that is left to do on this shirt. We wait for the boots to arrive.


I finished up the lighter blue yarn on the afghan and started on the darker blue. I am winging it as to how many rows I will do -- two or three. I am coming to the end of this project and am happy about that.


I work today and then have two days off. The goal is to try and finish the first round of dark blue on the afghan tonight. That remains to be seen.
Until the next time..........................

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