Friday, September 09, 2016

Halloween Wall Hanging Completed

Though we had a bit of rain in the morning, sunshine shone for most of yesterday. Except for a short period of time mid afternoon when it poured rain. It came down in sheets. Then the sun shone for the rest of the afternoon. This morning is cool at 7C or 44F but we are to see sunshine for the next few days.


Though we haven't complained about the road construction, yesterday was the worst we have had. The equipment ran in front of our house all day and we felt the vibration of the packer under our feet, heard the beeping of trucks and excavator, and had to walk a long ways around to cross the street. The guys worked hard and put in long days to get our street fire truck and ambulance accessible each night.
We spent a bit of time in the shed yesterday afternoon and sorted through some jars. Some will go to Daughter and the rest will go to another person who does a lot of canning. It will be nice to have them gone as I won't be canning again. I enjoyed my years of canning when in Ashcroft and we do miss parts of that life.


I spent every minute I could working on the wall hanging and got it finished.
The binding is only pinned in place in this picture and I sewed it down by hand last night. I will take it to work today to see if I can find any buttons to put on it. If not, I will be sending it to its owners my next day off.
Next will be Daughter's lunch bag. Can't wait to work on it.


The afghan got finished last night and is in the washing machine ready for its second laundering. Elliott urinated on the yarn during the summer. Not his thing to be dirty like that. I don't know why he did it when this project has been in the house for 8 months. When cleaned, it will go to its rightful owner next week.
I am hoping to set up a pair of doll socks this weekend. Then on to socks for Grandson.


I work the afternoon/evening shift. I am hoping to pull a few more things out of the sewing room. I am trying to get it closer to being ready for renovations.
Until the next time.................

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  1. Your wall hanging is lovely - I'm sure it's new owners are going to love it! I'm going shopping today for fabric for a Christmas wall hanging :}