Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wet With A Lot of Fun

We have had some summer weather with storms going around us. It has been hot with some humidity that is slowly disappearing, thank goodness. Today is suppose to be our warmest day so far this summer -- 36C or 98.6F. Then we are suppose to cool off again. That has been our normal this summer.


We had a great day yesterday. I didn't work but we were tied to an appointment. The Spousal Unit got his fourth immune booster so spent the morning at the hospital. While he was there I got the shopping done and an appointment for myself with the respiratory therapist.
A surprise package arrived and the Spousal Unit got his birthday present from Son, Daughter-in-Law and Grandson. He wanted this item for months and when he asked for it, he said afterwards he shouldn't have as they are expensive. Those guys found one on Kijiji and bought it for a good deal.
He now has a John Deere tractor which waters our lawns.
The thing moves along the hose and stops on a ramp. While we figured out how to operate it, we got wet as in really wet. It was a lot of fun.


I got the Pow Wow dress done and the doll is at the store. This weekend is Kamloops Indian Band Pow Wow weekend.
I do love the outfit even though the moccasins are too big. I just tied them at the ankle.
Also I started to clean up the sewing room and have the doll's fabric in a tub and the notions in a small tub. Now I can start a couple of other projects that I need to make.


It is day one of five days working. I won't be blogging during that time as I will be tired. A good tiredness though.
Until the next time........................

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  1. The doll outfit looks amazing! And so happy to see John Deere riding around on your lawn. My dad was (and tho retired, still is) a John Deere customer for years up home. I wonder if he might like one to water his lawn?!?!