Friday, July 29, 2016

More Wardrobe Thoughts

Yesterday was quite warm with a high of 36C or 98.6F. You really didn't want to be outside for very long though some person just did that.


The Spousal Unit mowed the lawns and told me how hot it was out there. I had a few choice words to say. Today he waters the lawns which will be cooler.
Heather, the kids did a huge internet search and bought this one privately from a fellow in Calgary. They said there were two others for sale through Kijiji in Canada.

Wardrobe Planning

As I loose weight, I am looking at my wardrobe and The Vivienne Files. She did two wardrobes (July 28 and 29, 2016) that look interesting.
The first outfit was done in black, blue, and white and, though a bit bland, it talked to me. The second one changed the blue to red and it was yelling at me. What did I like?
  • It was casual; jeans and one pair of pants.
  • A plaid shirt was in the mix and I love plaids.
  • The remaining tops were solid colours which I like (prints can be added later).
  • Though I sweat looking at it, it had a winter coat, mitts, and neck warmer (all in black).
  • It had a hoodie and a sweatshirt.
  • It can be expanded to spring and summer.

What didn't I like?
  • It had a blazer which I don't think I would wear at this time. But, I would wear a casual vest of which I have two in the wardrobe already.
  • Button up sweater. Not sure about that one. I do like pullover sweaters though and could replace a button up sweater with that.
  • All the tops were woven button up tops and I would add knit tops to the mix.
I will be keeping these ideas in my head while I sort through my fabric prior to the room getting its renovations and while choosing projects to hang in the store.
Until the next time......................

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