Monday, July 25, 2016

Dress Done

Yesterday was a warm one with a high of 33.8C or 93F. It was actually hot out there so we hung out inside so we wouldn't be sick. This morning is cloudy and warm which means it could be a hot humid day or a wet one.


The Spousal Unit had a great birthday. Daughter and Son-in-Law took us for lunch and he really enjoyed that. Then he had steak, onions, baked potato, and beets for dinner with the vegetables coming from the garden. The potatoes were the first digging and they were huge, as was the sweet onion.
He loves having fresh potatoes from the garden on his birthday.
I have lost a total of 12.3 pounds and am very happy about that. The hard work of counting points and weighing food is paying off.
We are eating well and very healthy which is great. The only thing I didn't do this week was meet my steps goal. Hopefully this week I will.


I spent a lot of time sewing on the Pow Wow dress. It was time consuming and left me with a sore back. But, the end result is stunning.
I also started the moccasins but stopped as I ran out of time and energy. 
 This one is ready to have the Velcro put on and then the sole can be attached.
Anna, I bought the trim at the fabric store I work in. It is a sari trim and looks like this off the spool.
Using tiny bent blade scissors, I cut the silver backing off around the top of the trim to make it easier to curve into place. I have done this type of cutting many times when I made rodeo queen dresses. I used 3600 glue to attach it to the fabric; a first for me. It worked like a charm. The crystals are ones I have left over from the last rodeo queen dresses I made. I put them into position, laid a towel over them, and laid the iron on to melt the glue to hold them in place.
Back on topic -- we have a lot of trim in the store which is nice. It ranges from bridal to sari to regular type. I look after the notions so am always snooping to see what we have and will be seeing what we can order.


I work an 8 hour shift so will probably come home tired and sore. Not only do we have to do discounting, I am sure that there will be ordering arriving into receiving.
Until the next time.........................

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Dave. Vegetables that one grows are so tasty. We have had Swiss Chard and cucumbers so far. We have raspberry bushes in our garden and this year they are plentiful. Eating some and freezing he rest. Congratulations on your weight loss. Weight Watchers is a healthy way of eating.