Sunday, July 03, 2016

Crazy Weather

We had another lovely sunny day for the Canada weekend. It got to a high of 31C or 88F. We are now going to have a cooling trend with some rain.
Our friends in northern BC got this lovely weather report yesterday:
A rain warning for the Peace Region from Environment Canada:
"Bands of rain, possibly punctuated by heavy downpours from thunderstorms, will affect the above regions beginning tonight and until Tuesday."
"Affected communities could receive between 25 and 75 mm of total rainfall by Tuesday." That is between an inch and 3 inches of rain.
As someone said.... "Oh my, we certainly don't need this" as they have had fire and flood already this spring.


The Spousal Unit had a quiet day. He cooked the first beets from our garden and they were tasty.
We were busy at the store and had a great day. The vast majority of the coding is done and I may have fashions ready on time. If not others will have to help me out. I am finding all kinds of mistakes done by others.


I am at the store from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. inventorying notions. I had best post this and get ready to go.
Until the next time.............

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