Monday, July 11, 2016

Fun and Games

Our weather has been bordering on normal with temperatures in the mid to high 20C or 80-85F. We have had sunshine, clouds, and rain.


It has been busy in the store with customers buying due to the weather (can't be outside in the yard or camping so they come shopping.) Staff has been super busy waiting on customers and preparing the store for fabric inventory on Wednesday.
I spent half of my Saturday off preparing two areas for inventory. Not only do you have to count the fabric, you have to sort it into family groupings and hang up the pink slips. A lot of work especially in the area I did. It was a mess.
Yesterday, the girls rocked it and we have the store basically ready. Two small areas need to be pink slipped and we are done. That will be done today and a table put away. I think an hour and a half worth of work. Then it will be keeping stacks of fabric tidy for weighing. Yes!! Life will return to normal after Wednesday. Or we hope it will.
The Spousal Unit has started to prepare for renovating the guest room. He swept up the tiny pottery pieces of a broken item. Elliott hid from a service man and tipped a tub onto the floor hence breaking a piece of pottery. The Spousal Unit has some baseboard removed and we need to move the bed so he can finish up.
Elliott went to the vet to be weighed after a month of dieting. He has lost 1.3 pounds which is absolutely amazing. He still has more to loose and will be on his new feeding regime until the weight is lost.


I got the doll clothes fabric folded and sort of put away. I need tubs which I will have to go looking for. Once that was done, I cut out and started to sew a dress for the doll.
It is a strapless dress with princess seaming in both the front and the back. I decided to use a printed chambray cotton. (I have the darker version for a top so the scraps will be used to make doll clothes.)
Here the front is done and I laid on some silver hotfix studs. I have since sewn the back pieces and sewn them onto the front. Next is the lining. On the lining I am adding a bit of elastic to the top of the dress to help keep it up. I will add a white sleeveless t-shirt and sandals to make the outfit.
My plan is to make the western outfit next. The fabric has been washed and dried.
As I have lost 5.3 lbs., I get to make my new purse/bag.

I am looking forward to making this once the fabric is washed and dried.


I work a full shift and will be busy at the store doing the last of the readiness for fabric inventory and then will grab a person to help me inventory the last of the ribbon and all the trims.
It is also the start of a 4 month rip and fix of our street. I will have to figure out how to get out when I work the afternoon/evening shift. Fun and games.
Until the next time.......................


  1. I can't wait to see your purse when it's done - beautiful colors! And congratulations on the weight loss

  2. Well done on the weight loss. What diet plan are you following?