Friday, July 08, 2016

A Busy But Fun Day

Yesterday was warm at 28C or 84F but not as hot as this time last year. When I checked the temperatures for last year, almost half the month was in the mid to high 20C and the remaining was in the mid to high 30C. We get it into our minds that July is constantly hot when it isn't.


Yesterday was busy as it was cleaning and run around day. The bathroom was scrubbed and the laundry was done. We got the grocery shopping done for a couple of days.
We did head out to the hardware store to look for a few things to buy on Saturday. First was covering for the hardwood floors while we renovate. We found it and will put plastic over top. Then we looked at crown moulding and got a 5 foot piece.
I had the Spousal Unit hold it up so I could see how it looked. Perfect.
We also looked at a new sink and tap for the kitchen.
Dark grey sink and a chef's tap. That meant looking at new counters and I found three I liked.
The middle one is our first choice. Bet it is the most expensive one also.
We then went to the gardening center and I am going back tomorrow to buy this gem.
The neatest wind chime I have ever seen. I'll put it up in our front porch.


Though I didn't sew, I did print off the patterns to make jean with chaps and a shirt for the dolls. The fabric is ready to launder this morning.
I am hoping to fold all the doll fabric this morning and get it back into order. I have lots of pieces to sew up and will enjoy working on them.
I want to make two bags; one for myself and one for Daughter. Mine is navy blue with a hint of print showing on the front. Daughter's will be in denim with a print pocket on the front. They are next on the list. Mine will be for when I loose 5 pounds. Almost there this morning.


I work from 12 to 8 p.m. This morning is more clean up of the sewing room. I hope to fold the doll's fabric ready to put into a box for easy access rather than piled high on the cutting table.
Until tomorrow.....................

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  1. There's nothing like a good bag! My friend has made me a few and I love them for my knitting, crocheting, and some smaller sewing projects. I'm sure your daughter will love hers. The weight issue plagues me also. If your bag is incentive for losing 5 pounds, then I hope you are able to make many!! lol