Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Doll Dress Is Done

Yesterday was cool with a high of 20.7C or 69F. I wore a coat. It did rain though most fell during the night. The weather is suppose to clear off and become warm again.


I had yesterday off work though I did add up the numbers of the notions I had to inventory and took them into the store. It was a run around day of shopping, banking, gassing up the vehicle, and having a good nap.
The Spousal Unit and I are doing Weight Watchers on-line. It allows us to have a healthy lifestyle which is what we are aiming for. Yes, I have goals for myself. I need them but there is no date attached to those goals. For me that is a failure feature.
The large piece of equipment was next door to us scraping off the lawns back to the property line. The guy operating it is good!! We did watch them do our neighbours.
 The road is going to be wider than it is now and our front yard will be smaller which is fine with us.


I did sew a bit yesterday and finished up the strapless dress. It was a fun item to make. As the dolls are at the store, I only have a picture of it flat.
I did go shopping for fabric yesterday. I bought flannelette and fleece to make pyjamas and house coats for the dolls. I also got ribbons and trim to make two pow-wow dresses; one will be a ribbon dress, the other will be a suede dress in dusty blue.
Minion fabric jumped into the mix to make Grandson something ~ a bag for his diabetic supplies.
I bought myself 2 meters of high end faux suede for a vest or a jacket. It will work in my wardrobe plan.
Next, I want to buy a silk/cotton blend to make a flowing top. It is a big flower print in turquoise blue with black.
Now I need the time to sew. That will come.


I am off work and am doing house work, laundry and ironing. There is a lot of fabric that has been laundered and need ironed, folded and put away.
Until the next time..............................

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