Friday, July 01, 2016

Soccer Outfit Done

Yesterday was cooler than the day before but still quite warm or is hot a good word to use. The high got to 33C or 91.5F. There was a wind which helped keep it cooler. We start to cool off again for a week.


Yesterday was a day off and I did some cleaning. I mopped a layer of dust off the dining/living room floors. That means I swept up a huge amount of cat hair from darling Elliott. It is a vicious cycle in our house.
The Spousal Unit puttered yesterday. He got the front porch furniture cleaned but can't do the porch as we have to ask the tenants to move stuff to the center of their spot under the porch prior to hosing it down. He puttered in the garden. He finds the heat gets to him more this year than it ever has.
I got my hair cut last evening and it certainly was past due. It did give my stylist something to work with as we are letting the sides grow out some.


The first soccer outfit is completed to the Velcro ( I had to buy some) and am waiting for the soccer shoes to arrive. It was fun to make.
I did buy some more fabric yesterday for the dolls. As the big Canada Day sale starts today, staff can only purchase the day before and the day after these big sale days. I am getting ready to make a western outfit of which I bought the patterns. Be prepared for something fun. I will need to buy cowboy boots for it.


We are heading out to see our daughter and then some shopping. A busy day before I work 5 days in a row.
Until the next time........................

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  1. What an adorable little outfit! Glad to hear you and SU are keeping well.