Sunday, July 24, 2016

Many Thoughts Again

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 28.7C or 84F. The morning was super cloudy but it cleared off and was lovely in the afternoon. Today looks like it will be sunny all day -- the sky is blue and the sun is shining.


Yesterday I finished up the ordering for this round and started on the many pages of price changes. We took out four large boxes of mesh ribbon from receiving, discounted them and put them into three bins. There are more boxes to discount but at a later date. My question -- why so many boxes of this ribbon?
A shipment of lovely plaids (called Lumberjack plaids) arrived and are waiting to be displayed. The colours are gorgeous and I may choose a piece as a project. But which plaid remains to be seen.
The Spousal Unit picked more cucumbers and gave them to our tenant. He has spotted a lot of grape tomatoes starting to ripen and is carefully watching a watermelon grow.


I did not sew yesterday after work. But I am thinking about a lot of things in the sewing room.
  • It has to be cleaned up so that begins today.
  • I should sew for myself and that means figuring out my size and which fabric I should cut into first. And which pattern.
  • I should tweak my wardrobe plan again. Or maybe I should sew up my muslin fabric and wear it until I have lost more weight. Choices, choices, choices.
The new fabric is starting to arrive and I would love to do a project once a month. Once every other month is probably more doable for me. Time is an issue at the moment.


I haven't knit for quite a while and need to finish the afghan. It makes me sweat thinking about it but with the a/c running I should pick it up and work on it every night for half an hour.


We have to get some groceries and then we will be home for the rest of the day. The Spousal Unit will be digging potatoes and beets to go with steak for his birthday dinner. He turns 71 today and this is the meal he has chosen.
Until the next time...........................

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