Monday, July 18, 2016

Soccer T-Shirt Started

We had another normal day for weather in our neck of the woods. It got to 30C or 86F. A couple more days of rain/thunderstorms and we are moving into hot sunny days.


I had Saturday off and did a lot of housework and laundry. A tiny bit of sewing was thrown in for good measure.
Yesterday I worked. I do the books on Sunday and get all the paper work ready to go to Toronto on Monday mornings. I love the quiet of the store while doing the books and then the buzz when the store opens. We had a busy day yesterday and I came home sore and tired.
The Spousal Unit had a friend in so they can plan the renovations and painting. They looked at the bathroom and the kitchen and ideas are flowing. But first, the valances have to be removed from four windows and that is going to be messy. Once again we hit renovation mode.
Elliott's thoughts on renovations.


I did get a bit of time during the day to cut out and start sewing the second soccer outfit.
I spent a few minutes after dinner on Saturday and set in one sleeve. I'm happy with the progress.
After this outfit is done, I will have to quickly cut out a couple more outfits and then clean up the room. The Spousal Unit will want to take the window valance off in a couple of weeks.
While cleaning up the room, I plan on sorting through my fabric and putting together a column to sew and wear for work. I'm looking at it not being perfect but wearable.
I have pink ponti to make 2 pairs of pants. I can add a couple of pink t-shirts and a couple of tops in turquoise and white. All the tops can be made from the same pattern so I can then sew them up quickly. I'd need to buy the t-shirt fabric which is on sale except for the white. I have a lot of it in the stash.


I work a full shift today so won't do a lot tonight. If it is anything, it will be to sew the sleeves into the soccer t-shirt.
Until the next time.........................

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  1. I'm with Elliott. Hope the renovations go smoothly