Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Fabric!!

The weather has been in the mid to high 20C or high 70's to low 80'sF. Though normal for this time of the year, the rainfall isn't. We have had a lot of rain fall this summer and are ready for the hot sunny days for the next week.


We finally got the store set up again after renovations. It was finished by 3:30 p.m. yesterday. It is now ready for stock to arrive so we can fill up the empty holes. We are also busy ordering.
The Spousal Unit has been puttering in the garden and found 3 more ripe grape tomatoes. There are also a lot of cucumbers to be picked. One batch of onions are almost ready to pull. The garden is doing great.
The renovations are coming along slowly. The walls have been measured for plastic, crown molding and baseboard. That will be ordered today for delivery.


 The goal is to finish up the second soccer outfit today so I can begin the next project. Next weekend is the annual Pow Wow in our community and the dolls need ribbon dresses to wear.
I have bought some fabric also. For myself and for the dolls. Also bought some more doll clothes patterns as they are on sale.
This jumped into the pile. Pillows for our grandson to put in his games room. I will add another piece so he can have another item also.
This is silk and cotton and very expensive. I will make myself a top out of it. The plain is for part of the top as it takes a lot of fabric to make.
Left to right -- expensive faux suede for a vest for me. On sale for 70% off which makes it a great deal. The middle one is for house coats for the dolls and the plaid is for pyjamas for them.
The patterns are the fun purchase. I have been buying them a few at a time.
I will be making the Native American dress minus the hat out of the blue suede. The others will be kept for later projects.
Not on sale but I got it for the house coat but most of the other pieces will be made.
For all the outfits starting with the bathing suit, hat and bag.
I noticed that there is going to be a discard of McCalls patterns so I will get three more doll patterns I want which will be discarded.


I am off work and it is run around day. We have to shop around town today. I call this the Spousal Unit's day out as he can't drive at the moment.
Until tomorrow......................

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