Thursday, July 07, 2016

And It Rained

The weather took a turn and it rained hard for a couple of days. There were times when it became a down pour and you would be soaked in a couple of minutes.
Yesterday was back to normal with a high of 27C or 81F. Today looks like it will be the same.


Yesterday at work, the 17 year old and I rocked it getting fashion fabrics ready for inventory. We got the slips up on 25 tables and then laid the fabrics down on 11 tables. Two other girls laid down more tables so we are looking good now. Once I finish up the front of the store, I have to do a small area in the back. I have to say I will be happy when inventory is done. There is still a lot of counting of notions to do yet but I have people on it and we found the missing papers. Yes! Yes!
The Spousal Unit was busy in the back yard yesterday. He mowed the lawn and puttered with the vegetables. He has an amazing garden this year.
The watermelon plants are huge and blooms are setting.
The grape tomato plant is loaded. All the tomato plants are 4 feet high or higher.


I finished the soccer outfit and put it on the new doll I bought. It fits perfectly including the socks. The soccer shoes haven't arrived but this doll has her own runners, thank goodness.
She is also at the store and everyone is loving the dolls in their outfits. Next is a western outfit. The patterns and fabric are bought for it.


I am off work and am doing house work, laundry, and shopping. No sewing is in the books at this time.
Until the next time......................

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