Saturday, July 23, 2016

Doll Fancy Pow Wow Dress

Yesterday was a lovely warm day with a high of 30C or 86F. It clouded up last night and the wind blew but we didn't get rain. Just dust from the road construction blowing thickly down the road. Today is suppose to be sunny/cloudy and the temperature about the same.


We had a great day spent mostly at home. Between jobs, we watched the crew rip up the road and work in deep trenches and then put it all back together again. People can use the road at night but not during the day.
The Spousal Unit had is his wood delivered yesterday. Twice in fact as he needed more of a different size. Now he can work on the ceilings of the house.
He is happy and can putter away for a couple of weeks before we have to get more supplies.
I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom before we headed out to get the extra wood he needed. We also did another trip to the post office and called it done.
The enchiladas were great. We both enjoyed them very much. It took me about an hour to make them and 20 -25 minutes to cook them.


I got some sewing done yesterday and then again this morning. The pattern was cut out for the pow wow dress and then I had to cut the edging off the fancy trim.
After some deliberation and heavy duty thinking, I glued the trim down. I will add clear crystals to finish the bottom edge of the trim. I also got the back done.
I am debating whether to add the drop piece to the front. What do you think?
At the bottom of the dress, I added more trim. The white ribbon with the circles is a pain to sew on and then I added the dark sequin trim on top of the white ribbon.
That is several hours of sewing and the ribbon trim is not on the back pieces yet. Once that is done, I can start sewing and cutting the fringe. A lot of work.
I am leaning towards adding the drop piece.
There are also moccasins for this outfit also.


I work an 8 hour shift and will probably be tired. I do hope to finish up the ordering so we can fax them out on Monday.
Until the next time.....................

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  1. Beautiful trims. Did you get them at the store where you work? I was out on Friday looking for lace trim - the choice was very disappointing. In Birmingham, where I live, we have good fabric shops but not much in the way of haberdashery and I've had to resort to Ebay. Which I'm sure you'll agree is not the same as I like to be able to handle before I buy.

    I like the drop piece and if I were you I would keep it.